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Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Joe smiled. So she'd been watching him too.

I smiled. She was making it easy but I still had to do most of the work. That was fine. “He’s OK with it… and he’ll get a full report when I get home.” She closed her eyes tight, sort of wincing.

"I'm Coot," the man rumbled from somewhere deep down in his massive chest. "Welcome to the Zebra Club. Name please?"

He moved to her head and grabbing it roughly he forced her mouth open and shoved his hard cock into it. The angle of her head was perfect and he started to fuck all the way into her open throat. As he fucked her throat he again used his hands to twist and slap at her bound tits. She no longer cared for anything except to be his slave and allow him to use her as he pleased. To show her master this she started to suck and lick the cock in her mouth. Feeling this he increased the force and speed at which he was fucking her mouth. When he started to call her names such as cunt, bitch, whore she moaned and increased the suction on his cock. Then before he exploded in her mouth he removed his cock. She whimpered and begged for him to put it back for she loved the feel of it in her mouth.

Deanna looked at him and smiled.

Marla was awakened by a tickling sensation and was disoriented at first, then she saw that Buddy was trailing his fingers lightly over her belly. "Oh, Buddy!" she murmured. The young man looked startled and pulled his hand away.

I opened my eyes, and was greeted with his. He leaned down and kissed me, he slid his tongue in and out of my mouth, as I did the same. I start to tighten my thighs against his, he knew I was close, and so was he. He slowed down and started concentrating on my breast again. We slowly rocked back and forth, as he suck and licked my nipple to the rhythm of our love making.

"Will there be anything else," came the voice of the waiter.

The whole thing was my husband's idea.

But, the basic problem still remained. We both had to piss very badly. Ivy kissed me again passionately and begging me insisted, "Let's go over there and pee, please, I don't want to make a mess on the floor."

"Why? Sherla, I'm sorry he stood you up, but what good does it do to get wound up about it? It's just the way he is. None of his other girls are upset."

"Ooh, fuck me, Daddy," Bobby Sue crooned, lowering herself back down on my cock.

"I need to talk before we go any further ok? Please, hear me out?"

He understood that I understood!

After a few minutes, the blonde turned around and began to rub her hips and ass. After some minor encouragement, Julie turned around and began to return the favor. Things were just getting hot when the song ended and a slow song came on. They smiled at each other and parted. However we all kept dancing and we ended up making small talk.

Charity was miserable from the ride and from the play of the warrior's hands over her tender skin. Her thighs were chafed and she ached all over, not being used to riding a horse, and particularly not astride. Her inner thighs felt sticky from sweat and the flood of moisture that his fingers had continued to force from her. He had gone so far at one point as to rub some of the wetness into her nipples, and now they felt a bit stiff and sticky as well. The man seemed to take great pride in not touching her for awhile, and then just as she was beginning to hope he had stopped completely, he would start again, caressing her breasts, pinching and tweaking her nipples, and then thrusting his fingers into her. Each time, it seemed to feel less invasive to her, and caused more of a feeling of expectancy and shivers of anticipation, but for what, she couldn't tell. At last, they seemed to be slowing, and she looked up with blurry eyes, to see them moving into a small clearing. With a final thrust of his fingers, the Indian pulled his horse up short, and waited for another brave to come over to him. He handed her down to the other man, who held her tightly against his body, grinding his crotch against her bottom and cupping her breasts from behind. The warrior leapt down and took charge of her once again, pulling her along behind him, and binding her to a tree. He pulled her arms around the tree, tying her wrists behind the trunk, then did the same with her ankles, so that only the tree was holding her up, and she was spread open.

"Good idea. Now I can see what you packed for me."